Consultancy on purification of drinking water, industry water and waste water belongs to WLN’s core activities. We have many years of practical experience with optimising and managing water treatment facilities. We do this in close cooperation with Waterbedrijf (Water Company) Groningen and Waterleidingmaatschappij (Water Supply Company) Drenthe and their subsidiary companies for industry water NorthWater, NieuWater and Betawater. In the field of water treatment we are also closely involved in the latest developments, like recovery and reuse of raw materials.

We are the right address for among other things:

  • technological design
  • supervision of new-build projects
  • support for business operations
  • optimisation of business operations
  • development and implementation of new purification concepts  (R+D and innovation)
  • support for policy making

For all the above it is imperative to stay alert on developments and opportunities/risks within the area of expertise. Therefore we pay a lot of attention to securing and developing knowledge; furthermore WLN has an excellent knowledge network at its disposal. Relationships with other experts at engineering bureaus and research institutions (KWR, WETSUS and universities) are essential.