Legionella worry-free: prevention and control of Legionella

Legionella is a bacterium which is found in mains water. Contamination with the species Legionella pneumophila could lead to serious illness or even death. Risks for Legionella contamination mainly arise in swimming pools, saunas, sports halls, hospitals, health facilities, hotels, camping sites, near cooling towers and other surroundings where misting of water takes place. If your organisation falls under these so-called ‘priority institutions’, you are obliged according to the Drinking Water Decree to take pre-emptive measures to prevent Legionella contamination.

WLN can take away your worries. We will draw up risk analyses, make control plans, take and analyse samples, come up with solutions and give advice.

Prevention and control
If you face potential Legionella risks, we are able to help you. Based on extensive knowledge and years of experience in the field of drinking water, cooling water and swimming pool water, we can offer you a complete spectrum of preventive and curative services.

Thanks to the pleasant contacts with WLN regular Legionella sampling is planned excellently. If urgent interim sampling is required, this is done correctly and in good cooperation.
Bea Wils (office manager De Zijlen foundation)

Risk analysis and control plan
We perform a risk analysis in your water supply system: which places in the installation have a Legionella growth risk? This analysis is done in cooperation with specialised partners. The risk analysis is part of a control plan, in which we indicate which measures you must take to prevent growth of the Legionella bacteria in the water pipe system. For example flushing of critical pipes, measuring temperatures, taking samples and checking water blocking valves in the installation.

Sampling and analysis
On the basis of water samples we establish whether the pipe system contains too high concentrations of Legionella bacteria. The water samples from critical parts of the drinking water installation will be analysed in our laboratory in accordance with the legally approved NEN-6265 method. After a week it is clear whether there are Legionella bacteria present.
WLN also has a quick method of measurement: the QPCR. This is a molecular technique that we have developed with KWR as per NEN 6254. Within six hours after sampling, we can declare whether or not Legionella pneumophila is present. Both the legally approved growth method and the QPCR- method have been certified by the RvA. If contamination with a Legionella bacteria has been established on your premises, we will advise you how to tackle the problem.

More information
For more information, please contact Harm de Kleine