Online measuring: control over your water treatment

An efficient business management of water treatment facilities requires accurate measuring of relevant parameters. By measuring online, you have instant insight in how your water treatment is functioning at all times. That keeps your business management under control.
Online measuring requires specific measuring equipment, technical and water-technological knowledge and laboratory experience. WLN possesses this knowledge and can therefore take care of the entire management of online measuring.

Advice and placement
We advice, dependent on the type and size of the water facility, where which online meter must be placed, what exactly these have to measure and within which tolerance limits. We establish the critical moments and spots within the installation and we determine where the measuring points must be placed in order to maintain grip on the process. We take care of supply (rent or lease) as well as placement of the online meters.

Inspection and maintenance
We also take care of inspection and maintenance of online meters. This is necessary, since in the course of time wear and deviations will arise: accuracy and precision will slowly decrease. Periodically we will execute technical inspections by means of portable measuring equipment. Quality and reliability are guaranteed by the inspection standards originating from our laboratory.
Our maintenance service take place based on annual contracts, containing agreements on the number and type of online meters, the inspection frequency and the tolerance limits. The service is executed on demand, always within 24 hours.

Broad application
By measuring online we can monitor different parameters in various types of water:

Parameters Matrix
pH drinking water
turbidity process or industry water
conductivity demineralised water
temperature ultra pure water
oxygen rinsing water
particles waste water
ammonium other liquids such as
phosphate food products
dry matter
More information
For more information, please contact Dirk van der Woerdt