Quick Scan Water Treatment: insight in the operation of your water treatment facility

It is very hard to imagine an industrial company which does not use and dispose of water. Drinking water, industry water, waste water: all sorts of water are flowing by. A properly operating water treatment facility is essential in this. Correct trending and inspection often lack, which makes it unclear whether the water treatment installation functions properly.

Insight in the operation of your water treatment facility is crucial: if you can identify problems and risks timely, you will prevent costly failures, in regard to supply reliability alone. Especially for this WLN has developed the Quick Scan Water Treatment. This scan is excellently suited for industrial companies with a water treatment installation.

Four-stage action plan
With the Quick Scan we check a number of critical points of your company’s water treatment facility. This gives you insight in the operation of your water treatment. We will trace possible issues and will see where we can optimise the process or save costs.
In a four-stage action plan our water technologists analyse how your water treatment facility functions:

  • Intake – 2 hours
    In consultation with you we define the custom-made Quick Scan;
  • Inventory – 8 hours
    We gather the qualitative and quantitative information;
  • Inspection – 4 hours
    We observe your installation on site, if necessary supported by measurements;
  • Advice – 8 hours
    Based on the obtained information  and the inspection we formulate an advice;
  • Final discussion – 2 hours
    The advice is being discussed with you.
In four stages WLN’s water technologists will, in cooperation with you, compose an advice that gives you insight in the operation of your water treatment facility and how you can improve it.

In a short time, totalling 24 working hours, you will get a thorough impression of how your water treatment facility functions. If your facility is located within 50 kilometres from our site, then no travel expenses will be charged.

More information
For more information, please contact Marcel Boorsma