SenTec: breeding place for innovation

Companies that (re)use water, whether drinking water, industry water or waste water, want to control their processes. Therefore they continuously monitor them. Water sensors are increasingly applied for this.
Water quality and process control are areas in which WLN continuously innovates and optimises. Therefore SenTec has been established. SenTec, originated from the SAWA project, is the Sensor Test Centre, where WLN offers accommodation to test, validate and evolve water sensors.

In this unique test centre you have the opportunity to evolve and test your water sensors together with our technologists, engineers and analysts. Whether you are sensor builder, starting entrepreneur or product developer, SenTec is thé place for you to be engaged in innovation in the field of sensor technology.

SenTec is situated on a detached location with its own admission control. You can use small-scale as well as large-scale test line-ups, if desired in a confidential environment. There is also a GMO-room available for working with genetically modified organisms.

With a technological start-up originating from the Wetsus platform, we develop sensors that measure with laboratory quality dissolved substances in all kinds of industrial water processes. SenTec, with WLN as sparring partner, provides a fantastic system, and with their dedication and proactive engagement they create a platform for evolving sensors for water.
Evert van de Werfhorst, CEO Capilix

At your disposal are different types of water for use as test medium, of which the quality can be influenced in a controlled manner. Furthermore there are comprehensive ICT services and power current is available, as well as safety and health systems, workshops plus office and meeting facilities.

With our high-tech WLN laboratory within walking distance, we can guarantee that you have optimal measuring, validation and verification options as well as access to the united knowledge and experience of the entire WLN and its network.

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