TechnologyPlus: your water treatment, our care

For many industrial companies water treatment is an essential part of the production process. A guaranteed supply of process water and purification of waste water are key issues for the production.
As part of the production process the water treatment facility does not always get the attention it needs. Management and maintenance of the installation is often done by its own operator or technical service, but sometimes specific water-technological knowledge and experience is required. WLN houses this expertise.

Our service TechnologyPlus guarantees that your water treatment facility operates trouble-free and it relieves your concerns regarding management and maintenance. Our water technologists are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

TechnologyPlus is custom-made
TechnologyPlus is no off-the-shelf product, but is customised to the type and size of your water treatment facility and to the knowledge and skills of your own operator and technical engineers. After inspection of the installation by means of the WLN Quick Scan Water Treatment, we will further define the TechnologyPlus contract in consultation with you.

Whether it concerns technical support, sampling or maintenance of online measuring equipment, WLN always does a sound job based on profound knowledge and experience.
Jan Erik Zuur (operator North Water)

As advisor, we are proactively looking over the shoulder of the operator of your water treatment facility. By gaining insight in process automation and water quality data, deviations in the installation are quickly spotted. We will then advise your operator which measures to take. The other way round your operator can contact us with questions. Thus problems are prevented timely.

On demand
You can also engage us if problems occur in your water treatment facility. If your own operator or technical engineers cannot solve these, we will be on site in no time. With only one aim: to bring the water treatment facility back into operation, so the production process continues unimpeded.

More information
For more information, please contact Marcel Boorsma