The WLN Service Voucher: yoúr budget for using our expertise

The world of water is constantly moving. New techniques and technology, changing laws and regulations and new customer questions lead to new challenges.
WLN helps partners and users within the water chain in facing these challenges adequately. For this we offer services in the field of research, analysis and consultancy for groundwater, surface water, drinking water, industry water and waste water.

It could occur that as a client you have not yet been able to clearly work out your question or the extent of your problem or the size of the required activities. It could also happen that you only want to employ additional knowledge for a short period of time, for example if you temporarily need more capacity, if you do not house specific expertise or if the duration of a project is uncertain. In those cases the WLN Service Voucher is the perfect solution.

Access to WLN’s knowledge and experience
The WLN Service Voucher comprises an agreement between you as client and us to buy products and services within a pre-established budget. On demand and at fixed prices. With the WLN Service Voucher you basically have access to all our products and services.

As market leader and technological captain in gas burners and heat exchangers we like to broaden our knowledge on the water-oriented aspect of the exchanger in order to optimise our service to customers. We closely cooperate with WLN to gain better insight in the overall behaviour of our heat exchangers. For this we use the WLN Service Voucher. The quick response time by WLN, as well as the professional reporting of their answers, help us improve and create a ‘better together’ atmosphere from which our customers benefit.
Camillo Hogenbirk (program manager R&D Bekaert Combustion technology)

You could use your Service Voucher for example for sampling, for analyses or technological consultancy and make use of our expertise in the fields of water consumption, procedures, water recycling, water quality, water purification, etc. Thus you have specialized and up-to-date knowledge at your disposal, as well as profound experience in dealing with different types of water.

In the WLN Service Voucher arrangements are recorded regarding the nature of the activities, the employment of expertise, the period in which our expertise is at your disposal and the budget, always customized to your specific situation.

More information
For more information, please contact Perry van der Marel