About us

WLN is water, in the broadest sense of the word. As one of the 4 accredited drinking water laboratories in the Netherlands, in the last decades we have evolved into a first-rate centre for water quality and water technology.

WLN houses biological, chemical and technological expertise, a unique combination which results in a broad service package in the field of water quality monitoring, water quality management and water treatment. In this way we fulfil our mission and vision:

We provide help with water quality and water technology.

We are able to relieve our clients’ burden since we:

  • put the focus on our customer
  • invest in knowledge and innovation
  • connect knowledge and daily practice

Over the years many clients have expressed their appreciation. Besides the water supply companies of Groningen and Drenthe, WLN works for water boards, authorities, knowledge institutions and industry. We are regularly working for food producing companies, energy companies, chemical industries but also for healthcare and recreation institutions.With some of them we have a longstanding relationship, in which analyses and consultancy on water quality and water treatment go hand in hand. That is our added value.

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